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Unfortunately, this question usually comes after a customer has spent a lot of time and money trying all of the products out there that claim to be the answer for removing calcium and scale deposits. Among these products are liquid treatments, pumice stones and even eraser like contraptions. The truth is, none of these can really remove calcium and scale deposits and return your pool tile back to its original condition. So how do you really clean your pool tile? Call Watermark Pros of course.
Watermark Pros strongly recommends against the use of pumice stones or any other abrasive products or processes. We have seen first hand many tile surfaces severely damaged after a customer attempted to remove calcium deposits using a pumice stone. Using any abrasive method to remove calcium or scale buildup will result in a scratched or marred surface. Aside from the degraded aesthetics, scratched tile surfaces are calcium magnets. Watermark Pros' low impact process for removing calcium and scale buildup will not scratch or marr your expensive tile; in fact, while removing foreign matter from even the most delicate tile surfaces, our process actually polishes tile. We also apply protective sealers to all cleaned tile and stone surfaces to help keep your tile looking like new.
Our calcium and scale removal methods are designed to be extremely effective without the use of chemicals or abrasives. Our process does not alter pool water chemistry and is safe for people, plants and pets.
Sealing natural stone and masonry materials exposed to the elements, especially around a swimming pool. is critical to protect the structural integrity and maintain aesthetics. Prolonged exposures to sun, pool water, dissolved organics and chemicals can stain, erode, crack and fade stone surfaces in and around your swimming pool. We recommend sealing your stone when new; however if the damage has already occurred; Let Watermark Pros can restore and protect the beauty and integrity of your exterior stone surfaces. We use only the highest grade Penetrating Polymer Emulsions to protect not only stone surfaces, but into the structure of your stone!
If your pool plaster is more than 10 years old, feels rough to the touch, is thinning or chipping and flaking; it’s time to take action. In extreme cases, plaster will lose its bond with the gunite causing hollows or bubbles in the plaster. Call Watermark Pros and we will evaluate the condition of your plaster and recommend a proper course of action.

Customer Testimonial

When I moved to Austin in May 2014, the pool at my house needed a lot of repair and renovation. Watermark Pros were recommended for the tile and stone cleaning around the pool. They also "biocleaned" the coping stones we weren't replacing, and then sealed everything once the replaster and repairs were finished.

Chris and his team did a terrific job, making sure first that the bioclean would work, and then finishing the job as soon as the replaster was done so that the stone cleaning could be preserved.

Chris was quick to respond to my emails, answered all of my questions thoroughly and coordinated with the replaster and pool maintenance companies to ensure that everything was seamless. This went a long way toward reassuring me about the job.

I am happy to recommend them without reservation!

James N. - Austin, Texas